What is Study Technology?

Study Technology is the term given to the methods L. Ron Hubbard developed to enable individuals to study effectively.

Mr. Hubbard recognized the failings of modern education in the 1950s, many years before poor student performance began to make headlines. He observed that students were simply unable to learn with comprehension. Sometimes they could repeat, parrot-fashion, what they had been taught. But they were unable to apply the subject supposedly “learned” with any facility or understanding.

Mr. Hubbard then researched the subject of study and isolated the actual barriers to effective learning. He found the problem was not overwork, crammed study schedules or incompetent teachers. Rather, he discovered that the main impediment to a student’s ability to retain and effectively use data was the absence of a technology of how to study. This included his discovery of what are known as the three barriers to study and Study Technology includes the precise methods to overcome these barriers.

Learning these methods to grasp the materials of the Scientology scriptures is a crucial step in one’s spiritual journey and renders the student better able to use and apply Scientology principles. “Study Tech,” as it is sometimes referred to, is so embracive that it can be applied by anyone to the study of any subject.

Study Tech is not a gimmicky “quick-study method,” but an exact technology that anyone can use to learn a subject or to acquire a new skill.