Built in 1915, the seven-story Artcraft Building rises prominently in the historic Printer’s Row neighborhood. The structure, built in the architectural style of the “First Chicago School,” originally offered commercial and office space to the printing industry that once proliferated this corner of the Loop. The building further served as home to the Artcraft Club, an association of newspaper and magazine designers, commercial artists and engravers.

After acquiring the Artcraft Building, the Church meticulously preserved its architecturally significant features.

On the façade, craftsmen examined each of the red Chicago-style bricks and mortar joints, repairing or replacing any damage with precisely matched bricks. The same attention to detail and accuracy went into the restoration of the ornate exterior, including the original limestone “Artcraft” carvings above the main entrance and the terra-cotta and terrazzo detailing.

Inside, the Grand Staircase, with its elaborate cast-iron balustrade, Tennessee pink marble stair treads and rich oak handrails, stands fully restored to its original splendor, as do the Arts and Crafts stained-glass windows. The now restored decorative grille found at the entrance inspired and informed design elements throughout the Church’s unique 21st-century interior.